Hello everyone! Make sure to visit Jeremy and Alina’s blogs for they are very unique and interesting. I have also recently posted a blog for tips on commenting! Visit my Sample Page to see more!

Week 8 Continued

I was also able to comment on Sophie’s week seven post. She blogged about the solar system and went really into detail on the makeup of stars. I really enjoyed reading her post because I also have an interest for astronomy and the solar system. Visit her cool blog!


Week 8 Continued

Finally, I commented on Victoria’s blog. Her page was very colorful and fun. Her week seven post included an awesome video the she made herself. I like the way she thought out of the box with her blog. Visit her page!

Week 9

For this week, I voted for the 2015 Edublog Awards! Congrats to Ella N for being nominated! One blog that I thought was cool was A+ Excellent. This page was really creative and very detailed. Visit these two blogs!

Week 8

This week we were to comment on peoples blogs. My favorite blog I’ve seen so far is Kathryn’s. She has a very detailed blog and it is very organized. Her post for week seven showed the similarities between humans and animals. I liked this because some people  doesn’t realize how co-dependent humans and animals are. WE depend on each other for survival. Visit her blog!

Week 7:Beautiful Nature

There are many beautiful landscapes to visit in California such as Big Sur and Point Dume. Big Sur is a national park with hiking, camping, and beaches. I love the landscape in Northern California because it makes you feel as you are really living in the wilderness. Point Dume is a beach Malibu that is good for tanning and swimming in the ocean. I like Point Dume because it isn’t very crowded and you can spend all day there. Overall, California has beautiful nature. image1 image2

Week 4

I customized my blog by adding a picture of a silly pumpkin. When I think of Halloween I think of pumpkins because I always eat pumpkin pie and carve pumpkins with my family this time of year. We love to pick out big fat pumpkins and carve spooky ghosts and black cats inside them. The silly face on the pumpkin also reminds me of this scary time of year because some of my friends like to dress up funny for thru holiday. One time, a friend of mine wore his sister’s cheerleading outfit, and it was so funny. Overall, these silly pumpkins remind me of Halloween.